Adventure Time

This is officially Take #2 on blog time.  I have all sorts of fun knick-knacks to share with the world, so get ready, ohmmygolly 2.0 is in effect!

Photos are fun, right? Last August, I would have punched you in the face for saying those words.  As a new BFA student, photography sort of took over my life…in a really bad way.  My brain was like an over-analyzer on crack.  I couldn’t even take a photo of a puppy without internally asking myself “Why? What is this image saying? How can I link this to a global issue?” Oh puh-lease! It’s a cute, fuzzy puppy. Why can’t it just be that?

OH WAIT! It can. : )  Problem solved, tension relieved, brain happier.  So, 6 months later, I totally photographed that pooch, and it was great.

Moral of the story, I am trying really hard this year to NOT try really hard, and so far, its been a creative gold mine.  Sketch-book full, critiques productive, artist fulfilled. : )

And…fulfilled artists have fun! So yesterday, Desira and I played in the mud and shot off a few hundred frames, just because we could!  Check it.

Desira loves animals ; )

The whole time we were shooting, I felt like I was on the set of Troll Hunter…this crazy Norwegian, Blair Witch style, mockumentary. It was super. 🙂