Adventure Time

This is officially Take #2 on blog time.  I have all sorts of fun knick-knacks to share with the world, so get ready, ohmmygolly 2.0 is in effect!

Photos are fun, right? Last August, I would have punched you in the face for saying those words.  As a new BFA student, photography sort of took over my life…in a really bad way.  My brain was like an over-analyzer on crack.  I couldn’t even take a photo of a puppy without internally asking myself “Why? What is this image saying? How can I link this to a global issue?” Oh puh-lease! It’s a cute, fuzzy puppy. Why can’t it just be that?

OH WAIT! It can. : )  Problem solved, tension relieved, brain happier.  So, 6 months later, I totally photographed that pooch, and it was great.

Moral of the story, I am trying really hard this year to NOT try really hard, and so far, its been a creative gold mine.  Sketch-book full, critiques productive, artist fulfilled. : )

And…fulfilled artists have fun! So yesterday, Desira and I played in the mud and shot off a few hundred frames, just because we could!  Check it.

Desira loves animals ; )

The whole time we were shooting, I felt like I was on the set of Troll Hunter…this crazy Norwegian, Blair Witch style, mockumentary. It was super. 🙂


Hooray for Weddings!

So I was finally able to get around to posting. Here we go!  A few weeks ago, my friend Reagan got married! Guess who photographed it all… Uh huh, this gal. Everything was so beautiful, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  Things did get a little sticky when our photo location for after the ceremony was…a little overbooked (music festival = a million unwanted photo-bombers) but everybody jumped on the wagon, well, horse-drawn carriage, and we made the best of it. Here are a few of my favorites from the day, with more to come soon!


Congratulations Kyle and Reagan!

Well hello there!

So my brain has officially reached hoarder capacity.  Art, food, life, school, family, travel, etc, have all jumbled together so completely up there that I have darn near started cooking paint for dinner and e-mailing my homework to my dad. Intervention? I think so. So that is what this lovely little page is going to be for.  My own little slice of creative heaven, for others to visit too of course ; ) where any and every piece of inspiration, pretty-pretty, and artsy stuff will go.  Welcome to my filing cabinet.